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5 Eye-Catching Exterior Lighting Designs

Whether you have a walkway, garden, pool area or patio on your property exterior lighting can really make a statement. All exterior lighting can be considered part security, but also part aesthetics.

And with these 5 eye-catching ideas, you’ll have your neighbors talking:

  • Light A Path: offset lighting on the perimeter of your path or walkway will help lead the eye naturally to your destination. Whether you are just getting home or leaving at night, walkway lighting is the perfect solution to complement natural moonlight.
  • Seating Areas With Indirect Lighting: have you ever sat around your friend’s outdoor table at night and felt like you were on stage? Too much lighting is a definite no-no. Lights installed high overhead is a great way to provide enough lighting without harsh bulbs at eye level.
  • Focus On The Fireplace: if you have an outdoor fireplace, let it shine! Strategically placed spotlights will give the perfect accent to a fireplace in any backyard.
  • Hardscape Lighting: outdoor LED tape will brighten up any outdoor kitchen or patio. What exactly is LED tape? It’s a flexible strand of LEDs encased in silicone and is designed to keep moisture out.
  • Don’t Just Light The House: add depth to exterior lighting by illuminating trees and other stationery items in the front of your house. Keep in mind that balance is important and lighting only the house can look unnatural.

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