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3 Ways To Light Your Outdoor Area This Summer

If you enjoy spending time outside on a beautiful summer night, you’re going to need some lighting. After all, lighting isn’t always the first thing that comes to mind when you think of your backyard, but it sure is important.

Need some inspiration? See below for a few ideas:

  • Start at the Top – Although it may not be the most fun, decorative lighting you should start with all of the task and security lighting you want to have. Do you need light fixtures by the door so your family and your guests can see in and out of the door? Do you want motionsense lighting for the driveway or walkway around back? There are lots of questions to answer, but make sure you give it some thought.
  • Then Have Some Fun – After you determine the task lighting you need you can get a little more creative. Do you want string lights on the balcony? How about lanterns on the table? Keep in mind that you won’t want these lights to be too bright, think of it more as setting the mood.
  • Watch Your Step! – It’s very important to consider lighting for walkways and stairs. Solar-powered lights are a great option, especially for guests that may not be familiar with the layout of your yard.

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