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Get Your Roof Heat Tape Installed This Fall

Believe it or not, snow and freezing temperatures are right around the corner. Even though we are just approaching Halloween, we all know how fast it turns from fall to winter here in Rochester and every year, hundreds of homeowners are unprepared. Don’t be one of them, have roof heat tape installed now before the first winter storm hits!

What Is Roof Heat Tape?

Roof heat tape, sometimes referred to as heat wires, will protect your roof from ice damming in the winter. Ice dams form when snow melts and then collects and re-freezes at your eaves and gutters which can back up water into your roof or even your attic. This can cause serious problems for homeowners.

How Can It Help?

With heat tape properly installed by a Lon Lockwood Electric technician, ice dams can be eliminated before they start to form. Not only can it help alleviate the heavy load of snow and ice on your roof during the winter, it can help protect your gutters and prevent leaks from occurring in your home.

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