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Spooky Halloween Decor For Less Than $5

Throwing a Halloween party? This year, focus on saving some money — and yes, you can still wow your guests without spending a fortune. In fact, each of the items below cost less than $5, and your friends and family members won’t even know!

Drink Labels

Lots of craft supply stores and/or dollar stores sell them around the holidays and you can usually find them in packs for as little as $1. They’re great for re-labeling adult beverage bottles, or you could use them to help guests identify their cups.

Halloween-Themed Coasters

Now that you’ve got your beverage labels, you need somewhere to place your drink, right? Keep an eye out for spider web coasters or any other Halloween theme. Just like the labels, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to find them for around $2.

Creepy Black Lights

Swapping out a few light bulbs in the kitchen or the living room will give your home that eerie feel. Check local home improvement or party stores — you can generally find black light bulbs for around $2-$3 per bulb.

Pillow/Cushion Covers

You can buy brand new Halloween-themed pillows, but that can be expensive. Why not use the pillows you already have on your sofa or couch and simply disguise them with an inexpensive cover? You’ll likely be able to find them online for around $4 a piece.

Test Tubes

You can fill them with colored liquids and place them at the center of a table, or use them for drinks at the cocktail station. Find them in multi-packs or buy them individually for around $2.

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