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3 Smart Home Technologies To Help You Save On Energy Bills

Remote home control system on a digital tablet or phone.

“Turn off the lights.” We’re sure you’ve all heard that one before, right? Well, even though you probably thought it was annoying at times, mom and dad had some rhyme and reason. Today, smart home technology has our backs – in case we forget to turn off the lights and any other poor habits we may have developed. See below to learn about four smart home gadgets that can help reduce your energy bills.

    • Turn Your Electronics Off With One Switch: Most of our electronic devices are consuming electricity all day long. A simple solution to this problem is to plug multiple devices into a single smart power strip. This way, you can flip one switch or touch one button on your smartphone and voila, they’re all turned off even if you’re miles away from home.
    • Turn Off The Lights: Here we are back at this one again. Well, we’ve got another easy fix – motion sensing technology can turn lights off when a room is left unoccupied. This type of technology can also be used for thermostats.
    • Automated Blinds: Believe it or not, blinds play a major role when it comes to keeping a comfortable temperature inside the house. How? They help to keep the sun’s warm rays out when they’re drawn during the day and they can even help keep warm air inside during the winter months. Automated blinds and shades are available in battery-operated versions which make the installation process a breeze. However, hard-wired versions are available if you prefer.

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