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3 Things To Consider While Shopping For Landscape Lighting

Have a boring backyard? Take it from basic to bling by implementing the right lighting plan. But, before you start shopping for exterior lighting, there are a number of things to consider – from specific areas that need lighting to the types of lights and more! See below to get started:

What To Light:

First, come up with a plan. Identify key areas of your yard that you want to light up – maybe it’s that pond you worked so hard on to create or maybe is the deck or patio area. Then think about function. Do you need to light the steps to provide safety? Do you want to illuminate the walkway or entryway for security?

Type of Landscape Lighting:

  • Path Lights: they’re commonly spread out along a pathway or walkway to provide light for people coming in and out.
  • Spotlights and Floodlights: have trees you want to show off? Want your guests to focus their attention to your garden? These lights tend to work best in these instances.
  • Deck Lights: extend your parties well into the night with the right deck lighting. They can also help increase safety while walking across the deck, patio or stairs.
  • Well Lights: place these at the base of trees to light up flowerbeds.
  • Post Cap Lights: going for safety and decoration? Post cap lights light up the top of your deck posts.

The Installation

Lighting a landscape can seem overwhelming to homeowners, but there’s no need to feel stressed. This is where we come in! The expert electricians at Lon Lockwood Electric specialize in helping you choose the right fixtures and designing a custom plan that’s unique to your yard.

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