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4 Reasons You Need Motion Detecting Lights and Timers

Is your energy bill consistently high? Do you often find yourself fumbling for your keys because you forgot to turn the outside light on again? If so, it might be time to invest in a motion detector light or timer. Not only do they save you energy but they can also help better protect you and your loved ones. Below are just four of the reasons why you should switch to a motion light or timer today:

  • They are Convenient
    Whether you want to let the dog out or you come home late from the store with a handful of groceries, a motion light is a great amenity to have. There will never be a need to leave the lights on before you leave for work, and you can never forget to turn them off. Just want to light up a particular area at night? Invest in a light timer. Just set it once and forget it.
  • They Keep Away Unwanted Visitors
    A dark yard can lead to some unwanted visitors. Investing in motion detectors or a timer for your outdoor lights can help stop skunks, raccoons or other stray wildlife from wandering onto your property.
  • It Provides Added Protection
    Setting up your yard with sensory lights can keep you aware of who comes and goes on your property. Plan on going away? It will allow your neighbors to keep a better watch on your house. Bonus- The sudden bright burst of light will also scare away any intruders that might try and creep into your yard.
  • It’s Economically Smart
    Keeping a well-lit yard will help keep your home safe from trespassers and animals but leaving your lights on all night can get costly. Installing a timer or motion sensitive light will decrease your energy usage which will, in turn, decrease your electric bill.

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