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5 Ceiling Fan Hacks To Save You Money & Energy

For some people, summer kicks off fun in the sun. For others, it’s the beginning of astronomical utility bills. Installing ceiling fans is a cost-effective way to lower your utility bills.

With the ceiling fan hacks below, you’ll  be surprised at how easy it is to keep your home cool.

Hack #1 – Adjust The Direction Of The Blades

To find out whether or not you have the fan set to the right spin direction, stand underneath it. If you feel a breeze right away, it’s on the “summer” setting and that’s where you’ll want to leave it during the warmer months.

If you don’t feel anything, it’s on the “winter” setting which is designed to circulate warm air back down to the living spaces of the house during the colder months of the year.

Hack #2 – Crank It Up During The Summer

No, not your air conditioner, your ceiling fan! Believe it or not, your fan only uses about 60 watts even on the highest setting compared to about 3,500 watts that your air conditioner consumes.

Putting your fan on the highest setting creates the most air movement which will help your skin feel cooler so you won’t need to run over to the thermostat.

Hack #3 – Size Matters

Yes, fans come in all shapes and sizes and yes, the size of the fan does make a difference. Standard fans are usually 44 inches and that’s perfect for the average sized bedroom. But if you’re looking to put one in the living room or kitchen, you should be looking at 50”-54” models.

Hack #4 – Use Your Ceiling Fan With Your A/C

If your ceiling fan alone isn’t cutting it, you can go ahead and turn on your air conditioner, too. But the trick is, you’ll be able to turn the thermostat up a few degrees because the ceiling fan will help circulate the cooler air throughout the house.

Hack #5 – The Angle Is Key

If you’re purchasing a ceiling fan for function, not fashion you’ll want to make sure the blade angle is at least 12°. If it’s less, the fan was simply made to be a decorative piece as you won’t get much of a breeze in either direction (clockwise or counter-clockwise).

Whether for increased energy savings, additional lighting or as a style statement, if you’re considering having a ceiling fan installed in your home, Lon Lockwood Electric is ready to help with prompt and professional world class service.