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5 Smart Home Devices That Aren’t So “Smart”

It’s no secret that smart home devices are becoming more and more prevalent and that they’re changing the way in which we live. While most of them are designed to make everyday tasks much easier to accomplish, some are doing just the opposite. For that reason, it’s important to do your research before you fall into the “smart” device trap and purchase a gadget that’s quite frankly, “dumb.”

  • Smart Juicers – beware of “smart” juicers that come with juice packets. You can squeeze the juices right out of the packets and into your glass with your bare hands – which means you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on the juicing device.
  • Printing Toasters – yes, there are actually toasters out there that will print/brand various messages on your bread (take emojis, weather reports or reminders from your phone, for example). The thing is, for this to happen, certain sections of your toast need to be burned whereas others will be undercooked. Not the best way to start your day if you ask us!
  • Weight-Loss Fork – vibrating forks are supposed to let you know when you’ve had enough to eat, but in reality they just cause you to eat your food more slowly. In addition to that, they only work on foods that actually require a fork.
  • Floss Dispensers – we all know that flossing is an imperative part of any oral hygiene regimen, but do you really need a “smart” dispenser to get you excited? Aside from that, these machines tend to automatically eject floss during the middle of the night which is a complete waste of electricity.
  • Smart Pans – wish you were a better cook? Well, there’s a frying pan out there that’s supposed to tell you when to flip your steak or when other meats have reached the right temperature. The major thing holding this gadget back is that it only reads its own temperature, not the actual temperature of the food you’re cooking.

While we are major supporters of lots of smart home gadgets on the market, it is vital to do your research before making a purchase. Want more information on smart lighting or electrical devices? Call on the experts at Lon Lockwood Electric today!