Are My Outdoor Lights Attracting Bugs?

Night insects at a bulb. Attraction of insects light.

Rochester summers are meant for cookouts, backyard get-togethers, and talking late into the night with friends and family around a fire pit.

Exterior lighting is a great way to enjoy outdoor spaces when the sun goes down, but does it attract bugs? How can you enjoy your outdoor spaces and keep the critters away at night?

Today, the electrical experts at Lon Lockwood Electric will explain what causes lights to attract bugs and provide tips for keeping bugs at bay.

What Causes Lights To Attract Bugs?

Traditional bulbs emit warmth and bright light, which can be a beacon for some insects. The most common bugs attracted to lights in the Rochester area include moths, beetles, and flies. These insects are drawn to the heat and ultraviolet light from standard incandescent and halogen bulbs.

Insects may mistake artificial lights for celestial bodies or use them as escape routes, heat sources, or orientation guides. Light bulbs can confuse, blind, or attract insects due to glare, UV emissions, or triggering reflexes. In Monroe County’s warm summer months, this can become a nuisance.

What Outdoor Lights Won’t Attract Bugs?

Outdoor lights with warm color temperatures, such as yellow or amber LEDs, are less attractive to bugs because they emit less heat and don’t produce ultraviolet light.

These lights are ideal for outdoor areas where you want to minimize bug activity. LEDs are also an energy-saving option, making them a good choice for saving money and reducing bugs.

Outdoor Lighting Tips To Keep Bugs at Bay

In addition to choosing the right bulbs, there are several strategies you can employ to reduce bug activity around your outdoor lights:

  • Upgrade to warm-colored LEDs: LEDs with warm color temperatures (yellow or amber) are less attractive to bugs due to their lower heat emission and absence of UV light.
  • Use light covers: Installing light covers or fixtures with shields can help direct the light downward, reducing its visibility to flying insects.
  • Add a ceiling fan: Installing a ceiling fan on your porch or patio can create a gentle breeze that makes it difficult for bugs to fly near your lights.
  • Position lights strategically: Place lights away from doors and windows to prevent bugs from being drawn into your home. Motion sensor lights can also reduce the time lights are on, thus minimizing bug attraction.
  • Maintain your outdoor area: Keeping your outdoor space clean and free of standing water can reduce the overall insect population, making your lighting less of a target.

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