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Are My Outdoor Lights Attracting Bugs?

Afraid to step foot outside during the night due to the swarms of bugs and insects that are hovering around that light fixture? There aren’t too many people who prefer to share their deck or porch with the hordes of insects that show up the minute the lights are turned on. But let’s face it – outdoor lighting is a necessity for a variety of reasons and doing away with them altogether simply isn’t in the cards.

Whether you need lights for safety, security or to just enjoy a great time in your outdoor space, avoid putting out the welcome mats for these winged pests with lighting strategies that let bugs know they are not invited!

Do Lights Attract Bugs?

Not all bugs are attracted to light, but some, like moths, just can’t help themselves. Scientists aren’t exactly sure why light is irresistible to some insects, but the light color and the amount of heat the bulb creates seem to be the culprits.

Insects are most attracted to light that is bright white or has a bluish hue. But, that’s not the whole story.

Besides being attracted to light, insects are also looking for bulbs that offer warmth. Traditional incandescent bulbs that use glowing filaments create high heat and act like bug magnets, while cooler LED lights aren’t as appealing.

Which Lights Should I Use?

The jury isn’t in yet on whether typical LED bulbs are the best choice or if specialty “bug lights,” have the advantage. But we can assure you that LEDs are best when it comes to saving money on energy bills.

Sure, they are are more expensive initially, but LEDs use less energy and save more in the long run while providing light that is aesthetically pleasing and bright enough for safety.

Another key tidbit of information: yellow and orange lights are least attractive to insects and red lights are nearly invisible. Keep this in mind while shopping around for replacement bulbs for your outdoor light fixtures.

Ultimately, if you want to get the most out of your outdoor space, but find that sharing quarters with too many bugs is taking the fun out of it, call the helpful experts at Lon Lockwood Electric. We will evaluate your needs, make recommendations and help install just the right lights to give you the backyard haven you deserve.