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Celebrate Earth Day With Eco-Friendly Lighting Solutions

It’s time to ditch those old, energy guzzling light fixtures and get a little creative. You can use recycled objects like glass bottles combined with LED bulbs to brighten up any room of your house. Best of all, they can add flair and decor whileusing less energy.

light bulb touching water

For a few eco-friendly lighting options, see below:

Glass Bottle Lights

Have some extra glass bottles laying around? Instead of throwing them away, put them to good use. Using wide and shallow lampshades, Degross Design & Innovation has created glass bottle lighting that emits a warm glow.

You can also use empty beer bottles to create eco-friendly lighting masterpieces. A true DIY project, you can pair different colors of beer bottles with scrap metal features and LED bulbs to desk lights or pendant fixtures. This is where your own creativity comes into play.

No AAs Necessary

Ever imagine a light that didn’t need batteries? well, the Moblant Community Lantern does just that. A small solar panel in the top of the LED bulb pulls in energy from the sun to stay lit. The perfect gadget to bring with you on your next camping trip.

Although it may be hard to believe, there are hundreds of alternative lighting options out there that were created from recycled parts or use much less energy than your everyday fixtures. We love hearing about “green” innovations, especially on this Earth Day!

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