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Common Causes of Discomfort in Your Own Home

There may be many reasons you don’t feel your home is the most comfortable place to be. With as much time as you spend inside of your home and as much money as you may spend to make it look a certain way. You should make the effort to pinpoint any causes of discomfort and work to make your home a better place to be.

Not having the correct components for air quality and air comfort in your home is one of the biggest causes of discomfort. If you do not have a ceiling fan in rooms, you are wasting energy and you are making a room much more miserable than it should be. Without a ceiling fan to circulate air during those hot and humid Rochester summers, you are sure to suffer from the effects of stifling heat. In the winter, the warm air you are paying for is rising towards the ceiling. Without a ceiling fan specially designed for use in the winter, you are paying to keep a part of your house warm that you literally can’t feel.

Not having a whole exhaust fan in your home means you are letting stagnant and uncomfortable air just sit there. Any time there are strong odors, allergens, or even highly humid air, not having a whole exhaust fan is like giving uncomfortable air permission to stick around and ruin your time in your home.

If you do not have an adequately sized electrical panel to operate your air conditioning system when you need it most, you are wasting energy and you are also wasting money. You may find you can only run the system periodically to keep it from adding up too much or from preventing you from doing other things that require power.

The main cause of discomfort and dissatisfaction in the air quality and energy usage of your home is not knowing the facts about how to pay for components that will make your life more bearable and your home more comfortable. When you do not know how much simple installations and cost effective investments such as ceiling fans, whole exhaust fans, or an upgraded electrical panel for your air conditioning needs may actually cost, you simply don’t bother investing in them. Resigning yourself to not being fully comfortable with the air in your own home may be the biggest cause of your discomfort.

It may be easier, more cost effective, and more do-able than you think to solve your comfort issues and make your home the comfort station you deserve. Call us today!