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Do I Need A Special Circuit For My Air Conditioner?

Find that your circuits are constantly tripping during the warmer months of the year? Your air conditioning system could be to blame. Just think about all of that power it consumes each time it kicks on to cool your home and then think about how old your current electrical system is. See below to find out if your air conditioner should be running on its own circuit.

Buying a New Air Conditioner?

If you’re gearing up for the summer by purchasing a new air conditioner, be sure to take note of the electrical requirements it’s going to take to run that air conditioner. Keep in mind that most window AC units are more powerful than the rest of your standard household appliances.

Most smaller air conditioning units range from 115 – 125 volts and require 15 amps. Larger systems can use upwards of 220 volts and 20 amps

What should you be looking for?

General rule of thumb: if the air conditioner exceeds 120 volts and 7 amps, it may not be compatible with your standard wall outlet and a dedicated circuit should be installed.

Can Dedicated Circuits Be Converted?

If your air conditioner is not currently operating on the correct circuit, it can probably be converted. For example, 120 volt circuits can often be converted to 240 volt circuits to power large pieces of equipment and vice versa.

It is best to have a professional electrician assess your situation and perform all electrical work. This will ensure all wiring is replaced correctly and that new receptacles are installed in order to provide safe and efficient operation.

You may not recognize some wiring problem situations that cause safety hazards in your home. At Lon Lockwood Electric, we have your safety as our primary goal, so we advise you to have a professional electrician evaluate your home wiring for safety.