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Electrical Home Wiring Upgrade

Did you know that electrical fires generally happen at connections within the electrical wiring in the house? A process occurs where a current goes through the wires and causes them to heat up and expand and then cool down and contract when the electricity is turned off. Constant heating and cooling can cause your wires to loosen and potentially cause a fire. The only way to fix this problem is with a home wiring upgrade.

electrician inspecting an electrical panel

How Does It Work?
Over time and as a result of constant use, your home wiring system system’s insulation will deteriorate allowing the heat from the electrical current to potentially start a fire. A home wiring system upgrade is the only solution for this problem. What does a home wiring system upgrade consist of you might ask? Put into simple terms, the wiring connections between outlets and switches must be tightened.

Common Connections

One of the connection types located in most homes is the back-stabbed connection. Houses with this type of connection are actually wired like Christmas tree lights in what is called a series or daisy-chain connection. This type of connection is the biggest contributor to overheating circuits, which can cause house fires.

Don’t Become Another Statistic

During a typical year, home electrical problems from faulty home wiring account for 67,800 fires, 485 deaths, and $868,000,000 in property losses. Every homeowner should routinely have their home wiring checked for safe connections, frayed wires, and bad connections. All dangerous wiring situations must be repaired as soon as possible.

Often times there are no warning signals that will alert you of a potential safety hazard. At Lon Lockwood Electric, we have your safety as our primary goal, so we advise you to have a professional electrician evaluate your home wiring for safety. Give us a call today at (585) 766-4702 to set up an appointment.