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  • Brighten Up Your Bedroom With A New Lighting Plan

    Afraid of the dark? Brighten up your bedroom with antique bedside sconces or contemporary pendant fixtures. Use the 3 ideas below to…

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  • Eliminate Ice Dams With Roof Heat Tape

    Monroe County, NY is notorious for receiving large sums of snowfall each winter. As snow accumulates on your roof, melts…

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  • Finding a Qualified Electrician

    Ever hire somebody to do a job only to find out it was done incorrectly? Faulty electrical equipment can, and…

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  • Electrical Home Wiring Upgrade

    Did you know that electrical fires generally happen at connections within the electrical wiring in the house? A process occurs…

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  • Is Your Home Protected?

    Did you know that if you get shocked from a GFI outlet, the breaker will shut itself off so you…

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  • What Can Happen If I Don’t Have The Right Dedicated Circuit?

    Ever wonder what happens to electricity as it enters your home? Well, it goes through your circuit breaker or box…

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