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7 Safety Tips for Using a Space Heater

For many families, especially in the winter, using a space heater helps keep their home warm, safe, and comfortable. However, if they’re not used correctly, space heaters can be a safety concern and start a fire in your home.

To prevent that, the experts at Lon Lockwood Electric have provided seven safety tips to ensure you can safely use your space heater throughout the year.

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1. Make Sure the Space Heater Has Built-In Safety Features

Newer space heaters should have built-in safety features, such as automatically shutting off when they overheat or are tipped over. Make sure your space heater has these features before buying one.

2. Only Use Wall Outlets When Using Your Space Heater

Extension cords and power strips are more likely to cause an electrical fire if you plug your space heater into them. If you need to use your space heater, always plug it in at the nearest wall outlet.

3. Keep Your Space Heater Away from Pets and Children

Pets and children should not be allowed anywhere near the space heater, as it could hurt them, so be sure to put it where they can’t reach it.

4. The Space Heater Needs Its Own Space

Space heaters must be kept in a well-ventilated space and at least three feet away from anything flammable. It’s also good to keep them off of rugs and out of places where people walk a lot, so no one trips over them.

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5. Turn Off Your Space Heater When You’re Not There

Even if the unit has a built-in timer, it’s always better to be safe than sorry — if you’re not home, don’t leave your space heater on, and don’t leave it on while you’re asleep.

6. Don’t Hide Your Space Heater’s Cords

Hiding your space heater’s cords under a rug or other surface can pose a fire risk as well, so make sure they’re always out in the open and can be easily seen.

7. Get Rid of a Space Heater That Overheats

If your space heater is overheating, don’t take chances with it — unplug it and have it inspected by a professional electrician. And please don’t give it away to anyone, as you could be passing along that safety hazard to them.

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