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Safely Storing Light Bulbs

Properly storing light bulbs is a lot more important than one might initially think. Light bulbs are crafted out of brittle materials, and it’s nothing but a hassle to have to clean up a shattered one. There are, however, a number of ways in which you can safely store your bulbs to avoid them getting damaged or broken altogether.

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Why Is It Important to Safely Store Light Bulbs?

The most obvious reason for safely storing light bulbs is the simple fact that they are prone to breaking quite easily should they not be handled with care. There are numerous types of light bulbs, all designed for a specific purpose; a good rule of thumb is to wear gloves when handling light bulbs for both the protection of the bulb and the protection of yourself and your surrounding environment.

Should a light bulb break, there is a chance of mercury and other harmful toxins being released into the air and inhaled or touched. Bulbs that contain a small trace of mercury can be very toxic for human beings as it can poison the brain and lungs, leading to an array of health problems down the line. Broken bulbs also lead to shattered glass and other materials that cause injuries if not properly disposed of.

Below is a list of simple ways to properly store your light bulbs at home:

Purchasing a Designated Light Bulb Storage Bin

A reasonably priced option for safely storing your light bulbs is purchasing a bin that’s specifically designed for light bulb storage. These bins provide just the right fit for each of your bulbs, leaving no room for them to be jostled about and potentially shattered.

Wrapping Your Bulbs in Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is a commonly used means of protecting fragile objects, making it an ideal option for storing light bulbs as well. Bubble wrap is a cost-efficient way to provide added padding and security for your bulbs, and it offers a good amount of protection against impact. Its lightweight construction adds to its versatility, and it can almost effortlessly be cut and shaped to fit around a multitude of compact objects.

Store Light Bulbs in an Ornament Box

Ornament boxes are already designed for securing your precious Christmas ornaments, so why not make use of them for your fragile light bulbs? Available in an array of sizes, these boxes are designed with compact spaces with dividers so that each bulb can fit snugly and won’t come in contact with one another.

Place Light Bulbs in Individual Cups

A cheap DIY way to store your lightbulbs is to utilize small plastic cups. All you need to do is set the cups side by side and place individual bulbs into each one, further storing the cups in a large box or container. If you have a lot of bulbs, you can place a sheet of cardboard over the cups and set up a second level of them for additional storage space.

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