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What is Heated Roof Tape?

If you have never heard of heat tape and you own a home in the Rochester area, you will want to learn more from your electrician Pittsford NY. After the winter we have all just endured, you may be thinking there has to be an easier way to deal with the ice and snow buildup on roofs. Well, there is. Heat tape can be the best way to tackle the work load of ice and snow removal on your roof next winter, and to protect your property from the damage that snow and ice can cause.

Heat tape is also known as de-icing cables. It is essentially an electrical cable that attaches to the roof of your home or business. With the flip of a switch, electricity heats up the cables. This causes ice dams and snow to melt in a consistent and safe pattern. It can be installed on virtually any kind of roof, except for wood.

Heat tape uses very little electricity and it is easy to use for any homeowner. If you have driven by and have seen homeowners struggling to break away large, dangling and dangerous icicles, or watched them teeter on a ladder trying to scrape ice and snow, you have seen homeowners who can benefit from having heat tape installed on their roofs.

The experts at Lon Lockwood Electric (an electrician Penfield NY) can explain the installation process. While spring may have sprung, now really is the best time to think about heat tape so you can be prepared long before next winter rears its head.