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Electrical Safety in the Bathroom

With multiple water sources, a number of electronic devices and plenty of lighting the bathroom can pose a risk of electrical shocks, burns or fires if you’re not careful. And we don’t just mean you, there are plenty of ways your children can find themselves in a world of trouble as well.

When it comes to electrical safety in the bathroom, the first point worth mentioning is that water and electricity do not mix. For this reason, GFCI outlets must be installed but you must do your part to keep electrical devices away from H2O.

We recommend blow drying your hair in another room if possible and try not to bring any other electronic devices into the bathroom if you can help it. Additionally, never touch an outlet or a switch with wet hands.

That brings us to the lights and light fixtures in your bathroom. Enclosed ceiling lights are preferable to ones that hang down and any fixtures that are not enclosed should be out of reach of anyone using the bath or shower. This also includes any place where somebody might still be wet from using the bath or shower.

It’s never too early to teach your children the importance of electrical safety. And at Lon Lockwood Electric, we strongly encourage you to speak with your children as often as possible.

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