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How Much Are Your Outdoor Electronics Really Costing You?

Summer is finally here and let’s face it – who doesn’t love a good outdoor party? Quite a few people are anxiously waiting to throw their own 4th of July party and we’ll bet you are, too!

However, there are some hidden costs involved. Adding high tech gear to the party can consume enormous amounts of energy and rapidly drive up your energy bill.

We’re not saying to go outside and get rid of anything that uses electricity in your yard, but it’s definitely time you learned the real truth about outdoor electronics and their hidden costs.

Outdoor Electronics

If you’ve invested a lot of money in your outdoor electronics, you probably want to keep them around, even if they are energy drainers. Just remember that those high energy consumers like pool heaters, lighting, cooking, and entertainment equipment are going to make your energy bills higher.


  • Heating the pool for your guests? Keep it on a timer. Don’t have a timer? At least keep a close eye and set your reminder to turn it off after a few short hours.

  • Have outdoor light fixtures on your deck or patio? Remember to keep them off during the day and only turn them on while you’re occupying those areas.
  • Have an outdoor television? Remember to turn it off after your guests leave, before you fall asleep. Leaving the TV on all night can cost you.

Simply turning off a few of your modern conveniences while they’re not being used might save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars on outdoor electronic power consumption.

Measuring Energy Consumption

Curious to find out just how much energy these devices are costing you? There is a simple test you can perform. Purchase a meter that measures the amount of energy that is consumed by a plugged in device and compare that data with your current energy bills.

We hope you have a wonderful summer and are able to spend plenty of time relaxing outside. Just remember, when you need electrical service or repairs in Rochester or the surrounding neighborhoods, you can always count on Lon Lockwood Electric.