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Outdoor Lighting Safety

Why stay cooped in inside all summer when you can be outdoors enjoying the warm weather. The summer is known for its long days, but with outdoor lighting, you can make great use of your yard even after the sun goes down.

Private swimming pool at night

Just remember these tips to make sure your outdoor lighting is safe this season:

  • Make sure your fixtures are Outdoor-Rated: even if your outdoor light fixtures are underneath your porch roof or your deck’s awning, they still must be rated for outdoor use. Why? Even though they may not come in direct contact with rain, they will still be exposed to high temperatures and humidity.
  • Have weather-resistant receptacles installed: you can just run an extension cord through a window or doorway to plug in your outdoor electrical devices right? WRONG! You should have separate receptacles installed outside and make sure they are weather-resistant.
  • Are your outdoor outlets GFCI protected?: ground fault circuit interrupter protection is a necessity not only for the outdoors, but for any receptacle located near sources of water.

Contact the experts at Lon Lockwood Electric for all of your outdoor lighting needs! We’ll make sure all of your exterior outlets are installed properly and safely so you can enjoy the summer without a worry in the world!