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Why Do My Holiday Decorations Keep Going Out?

You plug in a string of holiday lights only to find that half of the bulbs are out. We’ve all been there before. You come home from a long day’s work only to find that some of your inflatable decorations are no longer inflated and those lights that were working just fine last night aren’t working tonight… you get the picture. So why is it that some of your holiday decorations went out? Find out below:

  • When the whole string is out: older strings of lights were wired in such a way that if one light goes out, it could cause the entire string to go out. This was not the most efficient tactic, which is why newer LED lights are wired much differently. You can spend time looking for the broken bulb, but it may be worth your while to replace the old string completely.
  • When only one section or one light bulb is out: luckily, newer string of LED lights are wired with multiple series. This means that only a few bulbs are on the same series and if one goes out, the entire string is not affected. Looking for the broken bulb is much less time consuming than it was in the past.
  • When no decorations turn on: this could mean there is a problem with the cords, your electrical outlets or the circuit the decorations are operating on. Double check to make sure everything is plugged into a working outlet and if that doesn’t do the trick head over to the circuit breaker panel. The tripped breaker will be set to the “off” position so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find.

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