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Why You Should Leave Ceiling Fan Installations To The Pros

Sure, you can install a ceiling fan. No problem, right? It’s only a few big parts – piece of cake. Not so fast. There’s lots that goes into installing a ceiling fan that most average homeowners would never even think about. For that reason, and for the safety of your entire family, we highly recommend leaving it to the experts. Learn more below:

Parts That Come Into Play:

  • Existing electrical wires, if applicable. If there are currently no wires in the area where you want to install the fan, you’ll need to run new wires.
  • Pancake electrical box which needs to be screwed to the underside of the ceiling joist.
  • Metal ceiling plate which is then screwed to the pancake box.
  • Decorative ceiling medallion to cover up fixture holes.
  • White wires from the electrical cable and the fan that need to be connected.
  • Copper ground wire from the cable and green wires from the fan and the ceiling plate that need to be connected.
  • Black wires from the cable and the fan that need to be connected.
  • Canopy
  • Down rod pipe that needs to be threaded into the fan motor.
  • Fan motor

That’s quite the list if you ask us and if you’re not familiar with all of those parts, things can go south rather quickly. And that’s just the beginning – we didn’t even get into removing the old fan or the existing light fixture to make room for your new device.

With all of that said, we hope you’re leaning toward calling in the pros at Lon Lockwood Electric. Ceiling fan installation is one of our many specialties and we have years of experience in Rochester and the surrounding neighborhoods. Give us a call today at (585) 766-4702 to find out how we can help!