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The Path To Greener Electronics

Ever wonder what happens to your electronic devices after you toss them in the trash? Oftentimes they get sent to Asia where men, women and children work in scrap yards spending hours and hours dismantling your old gadgets. Some industry leaders have made great progress in producing electronics with very little or no hazardous chemicals, but others are still lagging far behind.

Reducing Toxic Chemicals

Since 2006, many companies have made a pledge to stop using toxic chemicals in their products. Companies like Apple and Nokia have “shown their willingness to put transformational energy goals and strategies in place,” according to Greenpeace. This includes reducing greenhouse gases and using sustainable packaging to limit the amount of e-waste.

Reducing The Energy Footprint

How can companies reduce their energy footprint? It can start with a large-scale switch to renewable energy to power their supply chains, and turn to more sustainable practices. While they continue to do their part, you can do your part by switching to energy efficient appliances, LED light bulbs and smart-home devices like wi-fi thermostats.

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