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  • Are Power Surges Killing Your Electronics?

    Picture this: it’s raining cats and dogs outside. Thunder is roaring and you see flashes of lightning every couple of…

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  • 3 Main Types of Electrical Panels

    If you’re not an electrician, you probably haven’t given much thought to the electrical panel in your home. You probably…

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  • 3 Reasons You Need Under Cabinet Lighting

    Thinking about upgrading your kitchen? You’ve probably realized it’s time for new appliances and you may have even come to…

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  • Don’t Forget These 5 Things Before Vacation

    Sunscreen? Check. Bathing suit? Check. Towel? Check. You’re all packed and ready for some time away from the office, and…

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  • The Key To Preventing Fire Fatalities

    Did you know that a fire can completely engulf your home in less than 12 minutes? That’s less than the…

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