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Benefits of Heat Tape

Having heat tape installed is the ideal way to handle snow and ice buildup on your roof. Without addressing the issue of snow and ice buildup at all, the damage to your roof and property can be costlier than you think – take it from an electrician Pittsford NY.

Heat tape slowly and consistently melts ice and snow that would otherwise build up. When ice and snow builds up, it melts inconsistently and refreezes, causing ice dams. These ice dams can cause shingle damage, lead to leaks in the roof, and cause large icicles that can be a liability when they fall and potentially hit people or property.

The large icicles can also cause gutter damage as they pull and damage your house. The leaks can cause damage to attics, ceilings, and walls. The leaks will eventually lead to mold and make water damage one more headache you could have avoided. With heat tape in place long before next winter, you can rest assured ice buildup and damage won’t be an issue for your home.

When you have heat tape, all you have to do is flip a switch to maintain the safety and security of your roof and property. Climbing up on the roof to hack away at ice as a way of keeping it under control is just plain dangerous. Lon Lockwood Electric (an electrician Pittsford NY) would never recommend for a homeowner to climb on an icy roof to keep it clear of ice and snow. Plus, the act of hacking away ice and hunks of snow can lead to more damage to your roof than the ice alone could cause. With heat tape installed and working properly, you can stay comfortable and warm inside while the tape does all the work.

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