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Checking Your Appliances’ Electric

We can’t stress enough the importance of having your home’s electrical system inspected regularly to make sure it’s in proper working order. Although the cause hasn’t been identified, a devastating fire broke out this morning at General Electric’s Appliance Park in Kentucky. The four-alarm fire consumed at least one building in what has been called a total loss.

Why is this important to us? Well, if you have a GE appliance in your home, chances are it was manufactured at this location. According to USA Today, “Appliance Park is the 1,000-acre headquarters of GE Consumer & Industrial, GE’s appliance division that is expected to become a subsidiary of Swedish appliance manufacturer Electrolux later this year. About 6,000 GE employees work in the industrial park, which has at least 15 buildings.”

As a reminder, it’s imperative to check all of your appliances during your spring cleaning maintenance around your home. Check to make sure all electrical wires are connected correctly and that all outlets are in good shape. If you notice any discoloration or frayed wires, contact Lon Lockwood Electric right away.

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