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Power Tool Safety

Break out the power trimmer. Break out the weed wacker. Break out the drills and saws and get that yard in better shape than ever this spring! But not so fast! Electric power tools can be a major hazard if they aren’t used with extreme caution.

Follow the tips below to keep yourself and your yard safe this season:

  1. Plugging an electrical power cord into an outdoor outlet? Make sure it’s a GFCI receptacle to protect against shocks and burns.
  2. Need an extension cord so your tools can reach clear across the lawn? This may not be your best bet. Cords over 100 feet in length can be dangerous.
  3. Digging or cutting into the ground? Be careful not to hit any underground wires or sprinklers. Electricity, water and sharp objects definitely don’t mix well.
  4. Be sure to check all tools for damaged or frayed wires. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, replace the tool or the wire immediately.
  5. Avoid using any sort of electrical device if it’s raining outside. The project can wait and you’ll be glad you took the day off.

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