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Quick Fix Vs. Quick Call To Your Local Electrician

Electrical repair gone wrong can have extremely serious consequences. However, some electrical repairs you can safely do on your own, given that you recognize the difference between a minor and hazardous issue. Make sure you know when it’s time to call in the experts. Remember, electrical fires in the home and residential buildings add up to over $1.1 billion in property damage each year. There are more than 25,000 electrical fires each year in the United States, most stemming from faulty outlets, faulty receptacles and switches, and outdated appliances.

One common electrical problem you can tackle alone is a blown fuse. It’s as simple as flipping a switch. However, if you blow a fuse on a regular basis, you probably need an electrician to run a new circuit. You may be overtaxing your system and you need more power from that outlet. An electrician will tell you which circuits control which outlets and the capacity of each one. It is advisable to learn the wattage and try to use below 80% of the capacity your system can handle.

Electrical shocks, although alarming, are usually harmless unless they occur too frequently. If they occur outside of dry, static electricity conditions, then call an expert. You probably have a faulty outlet or burned wires behind the wall. Electrical fires spread beyond the outlet they originate from.

Pay attention to buzzing noises and flickering lights, especially when you plug in an appliance. Buzzing noises may come from the type of fluorescent lighting you use and the flickering might be caused by an untightened light bulb. Both are easy fixes for homeowners. However, that buzzing can be a loose connection and some flickers are caused by faulty wiring. When in doubt, call an electrician.

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