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Roof Damage Should Never Be Ignored

Being a homeowner is undoubtedly a costly endeavor. There are always things that need repaired, upgraded or serviced in one way or another. While a certain level of costs and expenses are to be expected and can’t be avoided; once those costs start to get extravagant, you may want to look into steps to cut down on those costly repairs and upkeep projects.

One of the most expensive components of your home that can really add up and take a toll on your wallet over time is the roof. Roof damage is never cheap and it is never to be ignored or put off for another season. You need your roof to be in perfectly good condition to protect the home and family you work so hard to provide for. The change in weather and seasons alone take a toll on the status of a roof more so than anything else. The shingles wear down, limbs from trees or other debris can cause damages and severe storms can take a heavy toll. However, one of the main causes of damage to roofs in the Rochester area can be the damage caused by roof ice dams. When there is heavy snow and sleet, the constant melting and refreezing can cause roof ice dams. Those dams prevent the water from escaping as it should. It then builds up and can back up into gutters and eaves, causing inevitable damage. Unfortunately, this refreezing and melting can allow for water to get into the roof and into the home. Once water finds a way in, it causes untold damage over time. The damage can compromise shingles and it can be devastating for the attic spaces underneath. Water damage compromises the strength of the home and often can’t be seen. It can lead to mold, unsightly spots and can cost you money in even more repairs.

Once roof damage from ice dams begins to form, the cycle can go on and on if you do nothing to stop it. The more damage that occurs, the more repairs may cost you in the end. The only way to fix the damage from ice dams is to have a professional come in and make the necessary repairs and take preventative steps to keep it from reoccurring. Call us today!