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If you have ever had to call on one of our professionals to solve a home problem, you know Lon Lockwood Electric does the job right and for the right price. Our electrical work is beyond safe, affordable and reliable. We also have the most respectable electricians in the Rochester area and can promise you will always feel comfortable with who is in your home. With the goal of not only meeting, but exceeding, all local and state safety codes, we strive to give you the best service possible so you can sleep at night without any doubts about the quality of the job.

While you may or may not know what we are all about, you certainly may not realize the scope of our services. Lon Lockwood is the ideal choice for any kind of home electrical service especially services like the installation of heat tape. Heat tape installed by our skilled and qualified expert electricians can go a long way in protecting your home. Ice dams can cause a ton of expensive damage inside the home and outside. Having heat tape installed can control and maintain that buildup of ice and snow and prevent any damage from occurring. The prevention of any damage is truly the best way to avoid costly repairs. It is easy to have installed and even easier to operate, making it the perfect ice dam solution for any kind of home and any homeowner. For the elderly, having heat tape that can be activated with the flip of a switch is so much safer than trying to climb on rooftops to shovel or trying to reach up with elongated brooms to pull excess snow down. While some think this is adequate effective for most winter storms, it simply isn’t smart or safe. Heat tape is both the smart and safe solution and all it takes is a phone call to Lon Lockwood Electric to get the ball rolling for protecting your home before next winter sets in.

Lon Lockwood Electric is the reliable answer for any electrical problem and any electrical upgrade you may ever need for your home. Call us today for an estimate and for more information about heat tape and how it can save your home from ice dam damage.