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Electric or Gas – Which Appliances Are Better?

Gas or electric? Which option is better when it comes to your home’s appliances? Well, this is a loaded question and unfortunately, there is not necessarily a concrete answer. But we’re weighing out the pros and cons for you below so you can make a more educated decision.


When it comes to cost alone, gas is usually cheaper than electricity. So if that is your only deciding factor, you may want to go ahead and choose gas. However, there are lots of other things to consider like if your home has access to natural gas, if there’s a gas line running to it and the fact that gas is more likely to explode that electricity.

And there are some additional benefits that gas has over electric – consider your stove for example. Gas stoves respond more instantly than electric giving you more precise control over your food.


Electricity, on the other hand, tends to be a bit more pricey than natural gas, but it too has lots of benefits. For example, you’ll never be dealing with an open flame, some appliances are easier to clean and maintain, and electricity doesn’t give off byproducts that are harmful to breathe in. Plus, if you unplug your appliances while they’re not in use, you can easily keep utility bills down.

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