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Holiday Cooking Safety

Have you started preparing for Thanksgiving yet? It’s time to get your home in shape for when your guests arrive and that includes cleaning, decorating and most importantly, cooking. But when it comes to meal prepping, make sure you’re using your appliances correctly so you can enjoy a safe and healthy holiday.

Directions to follow include:

  • Read through all of the manufacturer’s instructions before using small appliances.
  • Not using a certain item? Unplug it from the wall to save energy and reduce the risk of blowing a fuse.
  • Make sure ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets are installed wherever there is water nearby.
  • Never use an appliance with a frayed or damaged cord. Have the cord replaced or purchase a new appliance.
  • Don’t use an electronic device near the sink if the water is running.

We hope you have a very happy and safe holiday season! Keep Lon Lockwood Electric in mind should you need electrical repairs or service in the Rochester area this fall.