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  • Decking The Halls The Safe Way
    Decking The Halls The Safe Way

    Working to create a festive home this season? Nothing kicks off the holidays like a well-decorated home, but you must follow some safety precautions while you prepare. After all, a little bit of ...

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  • Holiday Cooking Safety
    Holiday Cooking Safety

    Have you started preparing for Thanksgiving yet? It’s time to get your home in shape for when your guests arrive and that includes cleaning, decorating and most importantly, cooking. But when it comes ...

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  • Green Light a Vet
    Green Light a Vet

    Notice a green glow coming from your neighbors’ houses as you drive down the street? You may be wondering if they’re getting in the holiday spirit a tad early this year. However, Walmart launched an ...

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  • Outdoor Holiday Decoration Safety
    Outdoor Holiday Decoration Safety

    According to the U.S. Fire Administration, approximately 47,000 fires occur during the winter holiday season. With Thanksgiving weekend less than a week away, it’s time to start getting your ...

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  • Common Electrical Code Violations
    Common Electrical Code Violations

    When it comes to residential electrical projects, you probably shouldn’t do-it-yourself. Many homeowners and even inexperienced electricians make mistakes that could violate local or national ...

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  • Get Your Roof Heat Tape Installed This Fall
    Get Your Roof Heat Tape Installed This Fall

    Believe it or not, snow and freezing temperatures are right around the corner. Even though we are just approaching Halloween, we all know how fast it turns from fall to winter here in Rochester and ...

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