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  • How To Store Christmas Lights
    How To Store Christmas Lights

    The holidays are over, the family and friends have left and we’re already halfway through the first month of the new year. It’s officially time to take down your holiday decorations if you haven’t ...

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  • See What Your Neighbors Are Saying!
    See What Your Neighbors Are Saying!

    Imagine you come home to a dark house and flick on the lights only to realize that they won’t turn on. You think maybe there’s a power outage but all of your neighbors have lights on. There could be ...

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  • Electric Blanket Safety
    Electric Blanket Safety

    Are you the type of person who’s always piling on the layers even when you’re inside? Do you find yourself frequently running to the thermostat to crank up the heat? Can’t seem to get warm even when ...

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  • Getting Rid Of Ice Dams
    Getting Rid Of Ice Dams

    When it comes to large accumulations of snowfall and treacherous ice, Rochester is notorious. We haven’t seen a winter without snow in years and let’s face it, it probably won’t be happening any time ...

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  • Protect Your Home With A Grounding System
    Protect Your Home With A Grounding System

    Flickering lights, sparking wires, electrical shocks or burns. These are all warning signs that your home’s electrical system may not be operating safely could potentially cause major disasters. Lots ...

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  • Residential & Commercial Electrical Repair
    Residential & Commercial Electrical Repair

    Are you fed up with light switches that no longer work? Ceiling fans that wobble? Sparking outlets? Exposed electrical wires? Whether it’s in your home or business hazards like these can pose a ...

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