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  • Basic Electrical Building Codes You NEED To Know

    Whether you’re doing some work around your current home or building a brand new one from the ground up, you…

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  • Electric or Gas – Which Appliances Are Better?

    Gas or electric? Which option is better when it comes to your home’s appliances? Well, this is a loaded question…

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  • Keep Your Wires Protected From Snow & Ice

    With the treacherous winters we have here in Rochester, it’s no surprise that some exterior electrical wires won’t make it…

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  • 5 Fast Fixes for Wasted Electricity

    You’re sitting on the couch and everything is at peace. The TV is turned off. Your cell phone and laptop…

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  • 3 Alternative Ways To Heat Your Home This Winter

    You may be thinking, “what does an electrical company know about home heating equipment” – and quite frankly, we are…

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