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Blog Posts in Month: February 2018

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  • Are Extension Cords Bad For My Electrical System?

    Contrary to popular belief, extension cords could actually be causing more harm than good. If you do not take precautions…

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  • Why Do I Need Smart Light Bulbs?

    Looking for ways to add some flair to your home without spending a fortune on a complete remodel? Standard light…

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  • Why Aren’t My Outdoor Lights Turning On?

    Ever flip on a switch for an outdoor light only to realize it won’t turn on? It’s easy to put…

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  • Why Is My Carbon Monoxide Detector Beeping?

    There’s a piece of equipment inside your home that can literally be a lifesaver, but it can also drive you…

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  • Testimonial Spotlight: February 2018

    As a locally owned company, we understand the pride of Rochester, NY residents in our great city and the surrounding…

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